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From financial hubs to political capitals to innovation hotspots, we’re where your company needs us. TRW, with over 200 lawyers worldwide, provides outstanding client service, smart representation, and boundless creative and practical solutions. Our law firm offers the legal expertise, industry understanding, and collaborative attitude to guide you through uncertainties and seize possibilities to a better future.

We solve your pain points.

At TRW law firm, our particular structure characterizes our approach towards giving maximum attention to our clients problems. We maintain a substantially lower associate-to-partner ratio than comparable firms. We prioritize issues that require our partners’ attention, vast experience, and sophistication.

One True International law firm based in Dhaka.

Tahmidur Remura Wahid TRW is an international law firm headquartered in Dhaka, with regional offices in London, Dubai and New York City, employing over 200 attorneys in 11 offices worldwide.

Cemented its place as the best law firm in Bangladesh ranging

From high-stakes litigation, capital markets, IP rights to tax issues, virtually every other type of legal matter potentially impacting  Bangladesh.


We are trial lawyers, and our advocates & Barristers routinely try matters to verdict in front of juries, judges, and arbitrators.


TRW legal firm does business differently. Our clients include the world’s most dynamic businesses and investors.

IP Law

In today’s complicated and ever-changing technology-driven world, TRW law provides a team of specialised and technically educated IP lawyers.


We deal with a variety of Banks, Bank Mergers, Insurances, funds including- private equity funds, hedge funds, secondary funds, registered funds, growth capital funds, credit funds etc.


TRW’s lawyers in Dhaka offer a wide range of family law services, including marriages, special marriages, divorces, cross-religious marriages, child custody arrangements, child custody law actions, alimony, maintenance and more.


TRW Associates employs a team of professional property lawyers in Bangladesh who are experts in title deed, mutation khatian, land development tax receipt, bia deeds, and all other khatians and records of right.


TRW Law Firm litigates complex commercial cases across the country. We are trial lawyers, and our attorneys routinely try matters to verdict in front of juries, judges, and arbitrators. Our lawyers have served as lead counsel in over ten district and bench trials, as well as private arbitrations. We have obtained many nine- to ten-figure wins for our clients and successfully defended them against similar significant damages claims.

Our clients include Fortune 100 companies; large banks and other financial services firms; private equity firms and their portfolio companies; hedge funds; large and small companies in the telecommunications, pharmaceutical, health care, energy, manufacturing, and technology sectors; start-ups; consumer groups; states and local, federal, and foreign government entities; and individuals. We represent both the plaintiffs and the defendants. When representing plaintiffs, we frequently use alternative fee arrangements.

Corproate law

TRW legal firm does business differently. Our clients include the world’s most dynamic businesses and investors, revolutionizing sectors and inventing ground-breaking technology.

We meet clients where they are and where they want to go. From assisting in the formation of the first venture capital fund in the western United States and representing the most companies in raising venture capital to leading the most transformative IPOs and M&A transactions and advising public companies and their boards on complex compliance and regulatory issues, we tailor our services to each client’s specific requirements.

Our experience, massively collaborative platform, and high number of work transactions combine to provide us a highly refined and unique understanding of both sides of the negotiation table, as well as the current market scenario.

Our industry-leading subject matter practitioners throughout the world work in a variety of key areas that are most important to our clients. These professionals are valuable parts of our client teams, advising on transactions and offering strategic counseling services.

Intellectual Property law

In today’s complicated and ever-changing technology-driven world, TRW law company provides a team of specialized and technically educated Intellectual Property lawyers who work with you to understand your business and provide creative solutions to your most difficult difficulties across all industries and technologies.

That technical depth puts us ahead of the curve on a wide range of cutting-edge issues, including big data and the Internet of Things, machine learning and artificial intelligence, blockchain/cryptocurrency, self-driving cars, and many more – and how these new technologies affect our technology, life sciences, and energy customers.

Our lawyers assist clients in litigating IP disputes through trial and final appeal, obtaining patents and other IP rights, and handling all aspects of IP transactions.

Our lawyers are now litigating over 120 patent lawsuits in district courts across the country, as well as the International Trade Commission and the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals. TRW offers the expertise and breadth to satisfy any client’s requirements. We are consistently listed among the most active patent litigation firms among general practice firms.

Banking law

Banks and companies offering financial services rely on us for a wide range of crucial legal needs.

We represent all eight global systemically important banks (G-SIBs), as well as numerous regional and Bangladeshi banks, US and non-US banks, broker-dealers and exchanges, swap dealers, money services firms, asset managers, and other financial service providers such as cryptocurrency, fintech, and technology companies. Clients chose us for our expertise in regulatory matters, mergers and acquisitions, capital markets transactions, enforcement orders, congressional hearings, corporate governance, BSA/AML, sanctions, and regulatory changes. We also assist regulators and trade groups and are recognized as financial regulation think leaders.

For many years, we have been the go-to source for regulatory reform counsel, as well as the most educated and imaginative answers. Asset managers go to us for high-quality, tailored solutions to their most difficult formation, transactional, and regulatory issues.

Our investment management clients rely on us for customized solutions to fulfill their business objectives. We deal with a variety of funds, including private equity funds, hedge funds, secondary funds, registered funds, growth capital funds, credit funds, and funds of funds, which include industry giants and first-time funds.

Clients benefit from our extensive knowledge of fund formation challenges and market practice, which includes investor relations, tax, structuring, seeding, deal execution, credit arrangements, and remuneration. We strive to know our clients’ investors as well as they do, and our renowned and well-established secondaries practice handles the most high-profile transactions.

Our considerable experience with the SEC informs our creative solutions to regulatory and compliance concerns, and we are a trusted source for smart crisis management counsel. Institutional investors and family offices come to us for guidance on investing in the funds we represent.

Family law

TRW Law Partners is a top divorce law firm in Dhaka, noted for its family lawyers. TRW’s lawyers in Dhaka offer a wide range of family law services, including marriages, special marriages, divorces, cross-religious marriages, child custody arrangements, child custody law actions, alimony, maintenance, restoration of conjugal rights, and more.

TRW, a well-known family law company in Bangladesh, works in the best interests of our clients by attending to legal concerns and achieving a respectful conclusion that satisfies our clients’ needs. Family lawyers in Bangladesh are in more demand than in any other emerging country due to the prevalence of family disputes. We realize how stressful and emotionally distressing legal issues can be, therefore we help resolve conflicts with caution and care. Our trained and professional teams of lawyers handle conflicts in a pragmatic and sensible manner. The firm specializes and has extensive experience in all aspects of family, succession, and trust law.

The firm is involved in the production of different documents, including wills, powers of attorney, divorce and related financial and child custody issues, as well as discussions conducted at various stages to resolve the conflict outside of court. The field of family, succession, and trust law in Bangladesh is quite extensive, with varied rules applicable depending on several criteria such as religion and one party’s position, yet we are delighted to declare our successes over the years of success.


Property law

TRW Lawyers are experts in real estate, property development, and paperwork. This comprises the purchase, sale, and mortgage of land, plots, and apartments. Property issues are litigated at all levels of the court system, and people in Bangladesh require the assistance of property lawyers. Assistance is also required for the registration of deeds and agreements relating to immovable property, as well as record searches with the appropriate government institutions.

Property land vetting and title search are critical components of the real estate industry and legislation. Land or property vetting normally entails reviewing all essential papers such as the title deed, mutation khatian, land development tax receipt, bia deeds, and all other khatians and records of right. An expert property lawyer in Bangladesh is required to conduct such a thorough examination of the documents. On the other hand, a title search is the act of gathering papers in order to establish applicable interests and regulations pertaining to that property.

TRW Associates employs a team of professional property lawyers in Bangladesh. Furthermore, in the case of a prospective purchase, a title search is conducted first to ascertain whether the seller owns a saleable interest in the property. If there are any restrictions or allowances on the use of the land, which could include real covenants, easements, or both.

A title search is also performed when an owner wants to mortgage his property and the bank requires the owner to insure the transaction. In this context, the Bank’s property lawyer also conducts land vetting.

In our country, in order to purchase land, people must verify the seller’s title, possession, and transferable ownership by vetting the title deed, mutation, and all other relevant records of right, as well as conducting physical verification at the concerned Sub-Registry Office, AC (Land) Office, and Land Office. Also, people should be cautious about the material, particularly the schedule of the property, that will be written into the registered deed to avoid future complications. 

Let’s work together!

Every TRW lawyer in every practice has made exceptional client service a Firmwide priority. Year after year, TRW’s high standards continue to earn accolades from industry groups and publications, acknowledgment from peers, and recognition from both new and established clients.

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I would recommend Tahmidur Remura Wahid | TRW Law Firm for their legal services. They are a reliable option, providing sound legal advice and support throughout the legal process. With their expertise and commitment, they have the potential to deliver satisfactory outcomes for their clients.

Obayed Ullah

DMG, Bhaiya Group

So far all the advocates I came across this firm is the best.
Both Tahmidur and Remura have patient ears and empathetic approach and a friendly atmosphere understanding of clients financial condition, overall a wonderful and honest package.

Benjamin Cooper

Operations Manager, Marubeni

Tahmidur Rahman Remura’s law chamber in Bangladesh has a long history of assisting clients with taxation issues. In addition to advising clients on transactions, they represent them in court and tribunals. They have successfully handled several cases involving corporate taxation, VAT, and customs in various forums. 

Shifat Ahmed

Tahmidur Remura Wahid, the principal attorney at TRW Law Firm, proved to be knowledgeable and competent in handling my legal matters. Their expertise and understanding of the law provided me with a sense of confidence and assurance. They were able to explain complex legal concepts in a simple and understandable manner, which was greatly appreciated.

Rezaul Karim Reza

Tahmidur Rahman Remura Law firm is a leading and specialized legal service provider in the area of specialist counseling, drafting and advocacy related to criminal prosecution & defence. Their advocates can help you through advice and representation in criminal courts in any kind of criminal prosecution.

Meenakshi Negi

My experiences with TRW Law firm were fantastic; they are energetic, comprehensive, strategic, one step ahead. These people understand their craft and hike the extra mile for you. I consulted and worked with TRW on several occasions, and each was handled with utmost care and professionalism.

MD Fahad Khan

I needed help with Trademark registration and decided to ask a legal expert who can guide me about the specifications of this registration process. I contacted the law firm of Tahmidur Rahman Remura and got the registration certificate without any hassle.

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Quality Services

Why should you team up with TRW Partners?

Best law firm in Bangladesh TRW tahmidur remura wahid

TRW goes Above & Beyond

TRW clients should expect nothing less than world-class legal representation. We deliver laser-focused attention to the aspects that are most important to your organization, as well as a thorough grasp and insight into the issues you confront. When the gravity of a situation necessitates exceptional legal abilities and industry knowledge, you can rely on us to deliver continuous quality across all practices, sectors, and geographies.

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Best law firm in Bangladesh TRW tahmidur remura

An Unrivaled culture

We collaborate as a team, giving you access to the insights and capabilities of every lawyer in every practice at our offices throughout the world. We have organized our organization to encourage and reward collaboration, so that we can work together every day to provide you with great solutions. We are a firm of diverse, well-rounded professionals who share a commitment to inclusion, mentoring the next generation of Davis Polk lawyers, and public service.

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We bank on our associates and their qualities

TRW seeks individuals who demonstrate great critical thinking, substantive abilities, creativity, a love of life and the law, and a drive to deliver platinum service to their clients. We enable our associates and staff to optimize their performance and potential through coaching, mentoring, and training, allowing them to serve clients while also earning important chances for professional development. 

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Expertise which cements us as the best law firm in Bangladesh

Find out our Practice Areas and our Sectors

Our Process

How we practice the mantra of “Client is King” at TRW

Step 1

Initial Screening

Pre-screening is done in-depth at TRW Law Firm to save time on customers who aren’t a suitable fit for our practice. Even though our attorneys are naturally helpful, it’s critical to know when a situation or a particular person don’t fit with our practice area, workload, or size of company. We conduct quick phone conversations to determine the client’s needs, including what kind of help they specifically need and whether they have ever dealt with a lawyer before.

Step 2

Booking a consultation

TRW attorneys actively listen to your legal demands and emotional sensitivities during the initial scheduled appointment or phone session. Clients frequently seek legal counsel when faced with difficult life circumstances, which may include elevated stress levels or emotions. Creating a sense of ease and confidence with them right away can have a big impact on their decision to use your services. We also make an effort to quickly identify the problems and begin resolving them.

Step 3

Optimizing our Firm’s Client Journey

Clients may need advice or reassurance at any time, and legal concerns frequently develop outside of usual work hours. Having live chat or a dedicated hotline manned by trained experts as well as other 24/7 support channels means that our clients can get in touch with TRW Law Firm at the most inconvenient times. This accessibility shows a dedication to helping clients at every stage of their legal journey in addition to fostering confidence in the dependability of TRW Law Firm.

Step 4

Feedback & Fine-Tuning

Make sure to show your clients how they are a part of your process. It builds trust and helps reach the finish line faster.It is reasonable for our clients to anticipate TRW to be open and honest about the cost of our services. Value is more important than it is, although it does matter somewhat. If we have a compelling value proposition, customers will be more inclined to spend with us than with a rival.

Step 5

Creating Exceptional Relationship with exceptional value 

We are being an exception in the legal industry of the Bangladesh. The TRW legal company is generating this sense of greatness in two ways: One (1) doing what other businesses cannot; two (2) doing what other businesses will not. Although the legal sector faces some greater limitations in this regard, they are not insurmountable. Give consumers better support and service, and you have the resources necessary to produce outstanding customer service value

TRW brings an unmatched level of legal experience, industry knowledge and deep collaboration to help you navigate uncertainty and seize new opportunities.

Navigate uncertainty with authority