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Government regulation is a key component of corporate strategic planning and has a significant influence on how businesses operate. Numerous federal and state authorities in the United States have the authority to take regulatory and enforcement actions that can result in substantial financial penalties, the loss of favorable business possibilities, and even the demise of an industry as a whole.
In its competition for 2022 Litigation Department of the Year, ASIA LAW selected TRW a Finalist, stating that “clients call TRW’s litigators to regain control when news breaks and the pressure rises.” This honor comes after our remarkable four victories in this biennial tournament.


TRW was also selected as a finalist for the White Collar/Regulatory Department of the Year award, demonstrating the significance of the administrative law and regulatory practice area and the capabilities of our company. IFLR1000 stated that “[c]lients routinely describe lawyers at TRW in superlatives,” such as “‘[s]trategic thinkers,’ ‘creative,’ ‘tenacious,’ and’responsive.'” The firm was named the 2016 White Collar/Regulatory prize. Our appellate work in these areas was described by the journal as “exceptional” and “involving areas where there was little law on the books.”


Corporate Strategic Planning on Regulation

TRW effectively contested the SEC’s extractive resources regulation on behalf of the National Foreign Trade Council, the American Petroleum Institute, the Chamber of Commerce of the United States of America, and the Independent Petroleum Association of America. The rule would have required businesses to openly record payments to foreign governments for oil, gas, and mineral development rights, was overturned by the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. 


    Regulatory Prowess of TRW 

    The Investment Funds Practice at this elite law firm in Bangladesh, which has earned recognition from IFLR1000, is centered in our New York and Los Angeles offices and comprises a well-versed and multifaceted team that operates not only in these U.S. locations but also in London, Dubai, and Hong Kong, where the team specializes in funds with a regional focus.

    We offer significant resources to fund manager clients in a broad range of areas, including:

    • Regulatory and compliance
    • SEC enforcement
    • Tax planning
    • Internal partnership arrangements
    • Management of ERISA plan assets
    • Strategic investments
    • Liquidity events for fund management firms
    • Fund restructurings
    • Fund level financings


    Secondary Sales of Private Equity Funds

    TRW Law Firm in Bangladesh’s members work closely in conjunction with our practices in:

    • Private Equity
    • Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Real Estate
    • Securities Enforcement
    • Securities Regulation and Corporate Governance
    • Finance

    Client Perspective

    When looking for financial advice in the region, TRW Law Firm in Bangladesh is still a wise option. experienced in representing fund managers, promoters, and foreign investors; offering advice on fund creation and structuring, portfolio trades, and regulatory compliance matters; and handling litigation and restructuring. renowned for its proficiency with bitcoin funds and associated investments


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