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Accounting Firm Advisory and Defense

Many decades of experience representing auditors in intricate accounting investigations and lawsuits are brought to bear by TRW’s deep pool of legal professionals. Our experience encompasses a wide range of cases, from handling the regulatory and civil action that follows financial figures that have been restated (including fraud by the audited corporations themselves) to handling all forms of professional services litigation that accounting firms encounter. 


We have a great deal of expertise representing accounting firms and their staff in regulatory proceedings before the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the U.S. Department of Justice, and other regulatory bodies. Our team include former Assistant U.S. Attorneys, chairs of the ABA and other bar association committees devoted to accounting matters, and one of the most senior former members of the PCAOB Division of Enforcement and Investigations now practicing in private practice. Thanks to our experience, we are able to defend individuals and companies in a variety of enforcement investigations and disciplinary actions, as well as offer outstanding compliance advice and other counseling to businesses under SEC and PCAOB jurisdiction.


Defending commercial conflicts

Furthermore, our attorneys frequently defend accounting businesses and professionals in civil lawsuits like shareholder disputes as well as other commercial conflicts including contract and employment issues. In these civil actions, we have consistently helped our clients reach favorable outcomes.


Criminal Investigations 

We have experience in this area with criminal investigations and prosecutions, audit committees, cross-border regulatory and litigation matters, Section 10A investigations, challenges to administrative rules and regulations, and private securities lawsuits. We have represented employees in a variety of cases for the “Big Four” accounting firms, including litigation involving “one firm.” Additionally, our attorneys have experience advising businesses and regulatory bodies with European financial sector and industry regulations.


Private Representation

• Counseling, risk assessment, and the implementation of compliance programs in critical compliance areas, such as money laundering, sanctions, tax evasion, corruption, false claims, and financial sector regulation;

• Representation of accounting firms in litigation brought by bankruptcy court-appointed litigation trustees as named defendants, potential defendants, or third parties


Public Representation

Representation in government contracting disputes with Bangladesh’s various ministries; advocacy before a wide range of domestic and international regulators and prosecutors, such as the DOJ, the SEC, the PCAOB, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, the Office of Foreign Assets Control, the New York Department of Financial Services, state attorneys general, and the U.K. Financial Reporting Council


Client Perspective

Knowing that TRW Law firm is taking care of our books, helping with accounting software, supporting our daily operations, and collaborating with our accountants to file taxes gives us comfort and peace of mind. We have no qualms about recommending Accounting for Law to other legal professionals and firms.


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